How To Use The Kits

There are many different ways to use the test kits, including kinesiology (muscle monitoring), dowsing and bioresonance apparatus.


The Energy Mismatch book is based on a very successful workshop taught by Jane in the past. You need to be able to use muscle testing/monitoring or dowsing to be able to use it.


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Learn the Energy Mismatch Procedure

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Other Ways To Use The Test Kits

The Energy Mismatch procedure is one way to use the test kits, but there are others:



By Doctors Michael and Noah Lebowitz.

This one-day class teaches an effective, easy, and fast way to "diagnose" and treat dysbiosis (fungal, bacterial, parasitic, viral, Lyme), food reactions, lectin sensitivities, metal and chemical toxicity/sensitivity, coagulation issues, organ dysfunction, EMF issues, and much more.


March 22nd 2020, Los Angeles, USA

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July 26th New York City, USA


August 9th, 2020 London, UK

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A video and downloadable PDF document teaching Doctor Eugene Charles's allergy technique to stop allergic reactions. Access from anywhere. See more here>>