Test Kit Info


These kits are designed to be used by complementary and alternative practitioners – kinesiologists, chiropractors, naturopaths, NAET practitioners, EAV, Vega and Mora practitioners, etc., but they are not intended for diagnosis of any medical condition. Nor do we claim that these vials can be used to cure any medical symptoms or condition.


The test kits are not intended for home use; they are not suitable for laboratory use or for school science projects.


Whenever we update the test kit information now, we put the date on the inside of the front page. If you don’t have a date on your copy, it means it is very out-of-date. The information is updated as new kits become available, or as we add to the information on existing kits.


The information represents many hours of diligent research over many years and is protected by copyright. Please do not copy more than 200 words, or photocopy all or part to pass on to others (either freely or for gain) without our express permission.


We do not believe that the written information alone provides sufficient information for accurate kinesiology testing or dowsing. Please do not use this information in that way.


Jane started making test kits for her own use in 1988. Other students and practitioners became interested in them, so she started making and selling them to these people. Over the years interest has grown so that now practitioners from all over the world buy and enjoy using these kits.


Storing The Kits

It is important to store these kits out of direct sunlight, away from strong smells (such as aromatherapy oils, herbs, etc.). We also recommend that they are stored away from magnets (in practice this means on opposite sides of the room except when they are being used). However, some practitioners use magnets in their testing procedures, and so far this has not caused any problem with the vials.


There are no problems about storing different kits in the same box, although you might want to organise them in a particular way for other reasons, e.g. it is fine to store bacteria vials and flower remedies in the same box, although you might want to store all your flower remedies together for logical reasons.


How The Kits Are Made

The starting material for different kits has varied, so there isn't a simple answer to this except to say we always use the best we can at the time regardless of cost to us.


A lot of the chemicals, additives, biochemicals etc come from actual substances bought through a big laboratory supplier - sometimes the starting material has cost us as much as GB Pounds 400 /USD 600 for a small starting sample! Some stuff comes from microscope slides e.g. many of the parasites. All of the pathology/histology slides come from human tissue microscope slides, many bought from a retired pathologist in the USA.  Some of the early kits (e.g. the metals) come from RAE cards. Occasionally we use high-quality research standard digital microscopy images, and very occasionally we use rates developed by Bruce Copen, one of the most respected figures in this field. Sometimes we use homeopathic potencies as the starter - this is particularly true with some of the more lethal bacteria and viruses - obtained from very reputable suppliers.


 We use three “copying” machines: two are from the Bruce Copen Laboratories - one of the foremost researchers in this field over many years - and the other, which we only use rarely, is from Metabolics. These machines are able to copy the energy pattern from one substance into a blank medium.


The glass vials themselves come from a reputable German supplier and are produced by consistently using a Quality Assurance System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. The dimensions of the vials is approximately 4 cms high (1.5 inches) with a diameter of 1 cm.


The vials contain specially filtered for us by a company that really knows about purifying water and also about energy considerations. They use a unique process that really enhances the water’s ability to hold energy patterns clearly. The bottles are then filled with this water for us by another firm who strips down and cleans their machine and replaces the rubber hoses before they do this.


As you can see, we are really taking the maximum care to ensure the fundamental and crucial integrity of the vials and the kits we produce.


Jane Thurnell-Read