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Click a letter to see all test vials beginning with that letter with links to the appropriate test kit. It is possible to buy individual vials, but these are relatively expensive, as they involve us in a lot of work. There may also be a delay of up to two weeks while these are made especially for you. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.


2 December

Your service has always been excellent

Deborah Smith

3 December

Personal response to an out-of-stock request was appreciated, along with suggested other options. Great to work with!


19 December

They were quick, simple and easy to work with.


29 December

Everything went well with my ordering and shipping, thank you. I am quite pleased. The only, tiny complaint I have is that I had no idea the shipping would take 2-3 weeks. It's fine, just wish I'd known somehow. The vial box is warped, other than those minor things, great company and product. Thank you.

Karen Polanchek

12 November

Excellent customer service.

Robin Terry