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Click a letter to see all test vials beginning with that letter with links to the appropriate test kit. It is possible to buy individual vials, but these are relatively expensive, as they involve us in a lot of work. There may also be a delay of up to two weeks while these are made especially for you. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.


25 March

Thank you for your email and my recent delivery. I've loved using Jane's test kits for years. I am also finding that her Earth Essences are very valuable and coming up a lot in my work.



Always an excellent service, excellent test kits, fast orders and timely delivery. I’ve been a customer for many years and hope to be for many more! I have recommended LWP to many of my professional colleagues. A very caring and professional business who really make you feel that you matter and you’re not just a customer. Thank you!


2 days ago

Great quality products!! And they arrived here in Japan even though the world is in lock down. Thank-you very much for your much needed test samples.


4 days ago

Wonderful range of energetic signatures in your collection and wonderful the idea that underpins the creation of it. As a compound it stands for a far more real experience of the foods, bacteria, body's own chemistry, fungi or minerals that it represents, because it it encoding all these as energy and information as opposed to substance thus making them more available to the guild of therapists and more 'assimilable' to their clients. Many thanks for your gifts.


26 March

Many thanks, I received my order in what I would consider a reasonable time frame , already tested and used the vials and have been extremely happy with the quality and and end results.