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Success With Integrity Practitioner Business Course

An online course that you can access whenever and wherever you want. 7 modules packed with insights & information to super-charge your business. There are also extra bonuses and resources to build your confidence, reduce your stress levels and give you the holistic practice you deserve.




This online course offers a tool box of strategies and insights to help you build a practice that makes your heart sing and your bank manager happy.


I promise you that if you sign up for the course and do all the work you will have a more successful, less stressful practice.

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  • Detailed Description

    An online course that you can access whenever and wherever you want.


    Do any of these apply to you?


    •     You need more paying clients.
    •     You want to help more people.
    •     You are overwhelmed by the amount you have to do.
    •     You often lose your professional confidence and find dealing with clients difficult.
    •     You feel like an imposter waiting to be found out.
    •     You find dealing with the money-side of your business difficult and stressful.
    •     Your head is full of negative self-talk.
    •     You procrastinate and spend too long over simple decisions.


    If so, this course will help and support you to move to a better place with less stress, more confidence and greater success. The videos are direct and to the point, based on my experience of over 20 years building a successful practice. I wish someone had taught me what I'm going to teach you, rather than having to learn it through trial and error.


    7 modules packed with insights & information to super-charge your business.


    Each module is broken up into 2-4 lessons. This allows you to fit them in around the rest of your life. You don’t have to set aside hours. It also means it’s easy to replay the bits that you want to review again.


    Although the modules and bonuses are numbered, you can do them in any order. So if you feel a lack of confidence is holding you back, start with module 4. If you’re always saying “I don’t have enough time”, maybe you will want to start with module 2.


    There are also extra bonuses and resources to build your confidence, reduce your stress levels and give you the holistic practice you deserve.


    UK Kinesiology Federation: This course can count as 15 hours non-K CPD. It cannot be used for the core subject of Practice Management, as it does not specifically include such things as developing a marketing plan. The aim of the course is dealing with the emotional and mental blocks that stop us being successful, rather than the nitty gritty of setting up and running a practice.


  • Course Reviews

    "I am so glad that I subscribed to the “Success with Integrity” Course which Jane Thurnell-Read was offering.  It was a big decision at the time, and I deliberated over it for days and days, because of the fear of finances and being self-employed, but I just knew in my heart I had to do it, and really wanted to do it!   I knew also that it would be an investment into my business.   Knowing Jane’s background, I knew it would be the right course for me with the right person.


    "Working from home as a Complementary Therapist I feel it is important to have a support structure of some kind, and to keep abreast of things in that you need to grow, and to keep your confidence up.  The course provided that and was also something stimulating/separate from my daily Client work, and something to support the future of my business.   Most importantly, it had to come from someone who was a specialist in the Complementary Therapy field, who had a deep understanding of what goes on in the Therapist’s world, and the challenges one can face.   I knew that I was not going to get that from anyone or anywhere else with whom I could trust (having known of Jane’s background and work for almost 20 years).  She has a deep understanding of what it is like to work for yourself, in this field, and when one works from home, you can sometimes feel like “are you doing the right thing?”,  “am I missing out” or feeling alone and need to stay in the know.


    "The course makes you stop and look at yourself, and some of the interesting tasks such as just how much you lay out financially before you even make a living – an enlightening list which I enjoyed doing.  The other was about fear of putting up your prices.  Helpful tips and guidance here paid off.   “Attitudes of Money” was another helpful and supportive lesson, and “what is going on in your mind”; so many interesting topics which give you confidence.


    Amazingly, since doing the course, wonderful things have happened:  I have re-structured my business and taken it to another level in the way that I work; I am earning more than double than I did a year ago and am booked well ahead with existing and new clients all the time.   There is a secret in all that, and you just have to do the Course to find out!  I highly recommend it." Julia A Waterton



    "I found Success With Integrity to be a good value course full of useful and effective information, guidance and advice.  All instruction given by Jane at the beginning on how to use the course is invaluable; as with all things her attention to detail ensures that you feel you know how to use it all optimally as she has thought of all the questions you would need to email her with and answered them already!  Watching and learning from whichever video I felt most appropriate at a given time was ideal for me as an established Practitioner, because I could go straight to what was most relevant first and apply what I had learned immediately.  This feature also made the course less daunting time-wise, and therefor much more enjoyable, as I watched videos whenever I had a spare thirty or forty minutes or more; there’s no loss of flow or lack of continuity, and Jane’s style is easy to watch and to follow.  No matter how experienced we become nobody remembers everything all of the time, and though I have been a Practitioner for years now, listening to Jane, a highly successful Practitioner in a very specialised field, has helped me in my Practice and personal development.  I often found myself thinking “yes, I should remember that, and start doing it again…. “or, “that’s a good idea, I’ll build that in…”  There are lots of features to the course and things to look at and refer to for more ideas, help and information.  I would recommend this course to any Practitioner, but suggest it is invaluable to anyone starting out because it is sound, solid advice from someone who knows her stuff from years of experience.  I also love the fact that it’s right there on my laptop whenever I need it, not something I must file properly and add to my many folders of information. " Jan-Marie Bisiker




    “What I've seen so far, it's a brilliant course!” ~ Maria Johansson, Höllviken, Sweden


    "Such a good support" ~ Julia Waterton, Yorkshire, England