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Pollens Etc.1 Test Kit

The energy patterns of tree pollens, weed pollens, grass pollens, house dust, tobacco smoke, pet hair, moulds etc.
22 vials.

Pollens Etc.1 Test Kit

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close up of pollen on stamens

  • Detailed Description

    PO 1    Tree Pollens Mix 1
    Alder, hazel, lilac, plane, elm, poplar, willow.


    PO 2    Tree Pollens Mix 2   
    Birch, ash, jasmine, elder, beech, privet, robinia, oak, lime.


    PO 3    Grain Pollens Mix   
    Oats, barley, wheat, meadow foxtail,  sweet vernal grass, couch grass, smooth-stalked meadow grass.


    PO 4    No longer available    


    PO 5    Grass Pollens Mix   
    Corn, redtop grass (agrostis)  English rye grass, brome, dogstail, meadow fescue, meadow soft grass timothy.


    PO 5a    Hazel Nut Pollen    


    PO 6    House Dust   
    Dust taken from various places in the house.


    PO 7    No Longer Available   


    PO 8    Pet Hair Mix   
    Dog, cat, rabbit, horse.


    PO 8a    Dog Hair    


    PO 8b   Cat Hair


    PO 9    No Longer Available    


    PO 10    Farming Dust Mix   
    Animal hair, animal sweat, horn, stable dust, hay, etc.


    PO 11    Farming Animals´ Hair   
    Cow, pig, sheep, goat (hairs, bristle, wool).


    PO 11a    Horse Hair   


    PO11b    Cattle Hair    


    PO 11c    Sheep Wool


    PO 12    Moulds Mix 1   
    Alternaria tenuis, Botrytis cinerea, Cladosporium sp., Curvularia sp., Fusarium sp., Helminthosporium hal.


    PO 13    Moulds Mix 2   
    Aspergillus sp., Mucor mucedo, Penicillium sp., Rhizopus nigricans, Pullularia pullulans, Serpula lacrymans.


    PO 14   
    Bedroom Dust Mix    Dust taken from the bedroom.


    PO 15    Tobacco Smoke   


    PO 16    No Longer Available    


    PO 17    Carpet Mix    


    PO 18    Sawdust Mix    


    PO 19    Weed Pollens Mix
    Hops, dandelion, plantain, common mugwort, white goosefoot, glasswort, goldenrod.


    PO 20    Household Dust   

    Dust taken from the living area of the house.


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