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Maui Test Kit

These vials are radionic copies of a set of original remedies, based on flowers and gems.
24 vials.

Maui Test Kit

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  • Detailed Description

    These vials are radionic copies of a set of original remedies, based on flowers and gems. 24 vials suitable for use in energy work.

    The testing vials are divided up into Floral and Jewel essences - 12 of each.


    These Floral Essences provide the positive energy to invigorate the present and prepare for future accomplishment of body, mind and spirit.

    MA 1: Borage
    When facing challenge and possible defeat, Borage releases the purposeful awareness that promotes a positive outcome for all concerned.

    MA 2: Calendula
    Replaces helpless fury with adequate energy to be answerable for immediate action.

    MA3: Cornflower
    Confronted with past betrayals by self and others, Cornflower gives the confidence to soar beyond self-imposed limitation.

    MA 4: Dandelion
    Brings the assurance that soothes fear and increases perception.

    MA 5: Heartsease Pansy
    When indecision is the issue, this essence re-affirms the prompting of one's inner voice and the power of choice.

    MA 6: Wild Iris
    Through this essence, feelings of un-completeness and separation unblock and transform into an awareness of being at one with nature- trusting the elements to support creative change.

    MA 7: Lilac
    Brings attuned congruence of the senses to increase extrasensory perception of now and future time.

    MA 8: Nasturtium
    When out of harmony with environment or circumstance, Nasturtium encourages a willingness to see objectively and take appropriate action.

    MA 9: Sunflower
    Roots in the ground, sturdy and strong, its face following the sun, Sunflower symbolises true enthusiasm and defuses feelings of stress and deprivation. The Rescue Remedy of the Maui Essences.

    MA 10: Wild Rose
    Replaces belligerence with the choice to be patient. It transforms the energy of anger into invigoration.

    MA 11: Wild Violet
    Fosters appreciative attunement - a sensitising of self to others, their beliefs and needs.

    MA 12: Yarrow
    For those who feel they must force the world to conform to their desire, design and determination. Yarrow releases repressed grief and guilt to open the way for an awareness of equality and true concern.

    The Maui Florals deal with energy - the fourth dimension - Maui Jewels concern themselves with the fifth dimension, intention.

    MA 13: Amethyst
    Facilitates the choice to move from fear of loss into assurance through increased self-attunement.

    MA 14: Aquamarine
    When extra-sensory attunement suffers due to subconscious hostility, Aquamarine defuses the blockage to release conscious appreciation of (and interest in) what can be perceived beyond the five senses.

    MA 15: Emerald
    Through its harmonising influence, this essence serves to increase acceptance, a sense of worth, and openness in present and future time.

    MA 16: Lapis Lazuli
    When separateness overwhelm us with feelings of desertion, Lapis brings our sense of oneness bubbling back to body, mind and spirit -intensifying self-awareness, and expressing itself in positive communication.

    MA 17: Moonstone
    Calms and quiets the deep uncared-for (and unacceptable-to-self) feelings that cut us off from our inner and outer worlds.

    MA 18: Opal
    Brings balance to rigid indifference so that attunement and illumination can take place.

    MA 19: Quartz
    To the troubled body/mind, this essence provides awareness of choice and the inner power of spirit to produce concentration and meditative centring.

    MA 20: Rose Quartz
    When resentment wounds consciousness, Rose Quartz restores and rebalances a sense of being needed.

    MA 21: Ruby
    Transforms the blocked energy of over-wrought anger into a willingness to consciously prepare the way towards the highest good of all concerned.

    MA 22: Sapphire
    Clears obsessive thinking and releases consciousness from the unwelcome bonds of grief, guilt, indifference and separation so that freedom of choice is possible again.

    MA 23: Tiger Eye
    For people whose involvement has resulted in deep discouragement, Tiger Eye dissolves the effort to control and awakens acceptance as the key to harmony.

    MA 24: Turquoise
    Defuses the bitterness that comes from fear of loss, suppressed anger and unacceptable separation to restore an assurance of protection, a willingness to prepare, and the calm of knowing oneness with the higher self.

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    This kit consists of small vials. It is not suitable for dispensing, but can be used for energy work.

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