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Homeopathic B Test Kit

Two tablets in each vial including actaea rac, alumina, antim crud, apis mel, cantharis, helleborus, lilium tig, nat mur, podophyllum, etc.
50 vials.

Homeopathic B Test Kit

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  • Detailed Description

    Two tablets in each vial including actaea rac, alumina, antim crud, apis mel, cantharis, helleborus, lilium tig, nat mur, podophyllum, etc. 50 vials suitable for use by kinesiologists, naturopaths and homeopaths, etc.


    Please note these vials are a little two large for our cardboard boxes (product code 320), but are fine in the plastic storage boxes.

    HPB 55    Actaea Rac /Cimicifuga
    Depression, headaches, neuralgia. Worse for cold, damp and movement.

    HPB 56    Agaricus Musc
    Itching and burning extremities. Hands and feet red and swollen. Chilblains.

    HPB 57    Aletris Far
    Heaviness in lower part of abdomen with false labour pains.

    HPB 58    Alfalfa
    Heavy head. Poor appetite. Excessive thirst. Desire for sweets. Fatigue. Poor sleep.

    HPB 59    Allium Cepa    
    Hay fever; frequent sneezing. Watery nasal secretions. Head colds. Neuralgia. Better in open air.

    HPB 60    Alumina
    Hurried. Moody. Dry mucous membranes. Abnormal cravings. Constipation.

    HPB 61    Antim Crud
    Oozing blisters. Thick hard scabs. Impetigo.

    HPB 62    Apis Mel
    Insect stings. Hay fever.Burning stinging pains. Burns. Cystitis. Arthritis. Jealousy. Awkward.

    HPB 63    Baryta Carb
    Delayed mental and physical development. Sore throats. Nail biting. Tonsillitis.

    HPB 64    Bellis Perennis
    Black-and-blue spots, painful to touch. Bruising. Fatigue after a blow or fall.

    HPB 65    Borax
    Dread of downward motion. Nervous. Sensitive to noise. Impatience. Hot flushes.

    HPB 66    Cactus Grand    
    Spasmodic pain. Constrictions. Congestive headache. Dysmenorrhea. Iron band round chest.

    HPB 67    Caladium
    Depression and fatigue. Memory loss. Irritability at least noise. Tobacco antidote.

    HPB 68    Calendula
    Extreme sores with or without loss of skin. Bee and wasp stings. Burns. Bruises.

    HPB 69    Cantharis
    Burns. Burning pains. Cystitis. Gnat bites. Itchy blisters.

    HPB 70    Causticum
    Intensely sympathetic. Depression, apprehension, timidity. Paralysis. Skin dirty.

    HPB 71    Chelidonium
    Tooth ache.  Jaundice.  General lethargy. Worse for change of weather.

    HPB 72    Cicuta Virosa
    Spasmodic contractions of muscles. Stiffness of neck. Contortions. Convulsions.

    HPB 73    Cina
    Irritability. Dark rings round eyes. Insatiable hunger. Insomnia. Intestinal parasites.

    HPB 74    Colocynth
    Intestinal colic. Cramp.  Dysentery-type stools.

    HPB 75    Conium Mac
    Dizziness. Numbness. Weakness. Trembling. Sweating.

    HPB 76    Cuprum Met
    Cramps. Nausea and vomiting. Metallic taste in mouth.

    HPB 77    Eupatorium Perf
    Aching and stiffness of bones and muscles. Pain in eyeballs. Flu.

    HPB 78    Helleborus
    Sees, hears, and tastes imperfectly. Muscular weakness. Sinking sensation. Sighing.

    HPB 79    Hydrastis Can
    Thick and yellow mucous. Itching of vulva.

    HPB 80    Iris Vers
    Sick headache. Pancreas affected. Goitre. Burning of alimentary canal.

    HPB 81    Kali Carb
    Irritable. Sensitive to pain, noise and touch. Intolerance of cold weather.

    HPB 82    Kreosotum
    Stupid, forgetful, irritable. Offensive discharges. Worse open air, cold, rest.

    HPB 83    Ledum Pal
    Pain travelling upwards. Black eye. Puncture wounds. Intense coldness.

    HPB 84    Lilium Tigrinum
    Profound depression. Aimless. Better fresh air. Vaginal itching.

    HPB 85    Merc Cyanatus
    Thick greyish coating of mouth. Tongue white with fetid breath. Thrush.

    HPB 86    Mezereum
    Ulceration of skin. Itchy blisters. Impetigo.

    HPB 87    Natrum Mur
    Sneezing. Sinus. Eczema. Thrush. Incontinence. Vertigo. Exhaustion. Craves salt.

    HPB 88    Nux Moschata
    Sleepiness. Fainting fits. Changeable moods. Dryness of mucous membranes.

    HPB 89    Oscillococcinum
    Flu. Common cold

    HPB 90    Opium
    Heavy sleep. Sweaty skin. Loss of consciousness. Snoring. Noisy breathing.

    HPB 91    Phytolacca Dec
    Glandular swellings with heat and inflammation.

    HPB 92    Platina
    Arrogant. Numbness and coldness.

    HPB 93    Podophyllum
    Biliousness. Talkative. Depression. Worse in hot weather.

    HPB 94    Pyrogen
    Septic states. Offensive discharges. Restless. Dry tongue.

    HPB 95    Ranunculus Bulb
    Effects of alcohol. Soreness of chest. Burning and intense itching of skin.

    HPB 96    Rumex Crispus
    Enlarged lymph glands. Tickling in throat. Dry cough. Raw pain under clavicle.

    HPB 97    Sabina
    Violent pulsations. Worse least motion. Risk of miscarriage.

    HPB 98    Sambucus Nigra
    Sudden waking at night with feeling of suffocation. Infantile asthma.

    HPB 99    Secale Cornutum
    Debility. Anxiety. Better from cold.

    HPB 100    Senna
    Nausea and vomiting with yellowish diarrhoea. Aromatic smell to breath.

    HPB 101    Staphisagria
    Styes. Inflammation and itchiness of corner of eye.

    HPB 102    Taraxacum
    Coated, mapped tongue. Constipation.

    HPB 103    Urtica Urens
    Superficial burns with skin irritation.

    HPB 104    Veratrum Alb
    Collapse with extreme coldness. Cold perspiration. Vomiting. Cramps in extremities.

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    Each glass vial contains two tablets in the 30C potency from the well-respected Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy.

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