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Food F Test Kit

The energy patterns of "superfoods", (including spirulina, raw chocolate, guarana) and sweeteners (including xylitol and yacon syrup).
25 vials.

Food F Test Kit

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  • Detailed Description

    The energy patterns of "superfoods", (including spirulina, raw chocolate, guarana) and sweeteners (including xylitol and yacon syrup). 25 vials / ampoules for sensitivity and allergy testing by complementary practitioners.

    FF 226    Acai Berry, Organic    
    An Amazonian berry

    FF 227    Agave Nectar Syrup, Raw, Organic    
    Low glycaemic index sweetener from the agave, a succulent.
    FF 228    Apricot Kernel
    The kernels inside the apricot stone.

    FF 229    Barley Grass Powder
    Young barley leaves, juiced and dried.

    FF 230    Bee Pollen
    Pollen from flowers collected by bees.

    FF 231    Blue Green Algae    
    Fresh water algae chiefly harvested from Upper Klamath Lake, USA

    FF 232    Broccoli Seed Powder, Sprouted, Organic    
    Broccoli seeds sprouted and then dried and powdered.

    FF 233    Cacao (Cocoa) Nibs, Organic
    Edible part of the cocoa bean.

    FF 234    Chlorella, Organic    
    A green algae

    FF 235    Cocoa Butter / Theobroma Oil / Theobroma Cacao, Raw, Organic    
    A raw vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean.

    FF 236    Coconut Oil, Raw, Virgin, Cold Pressed    
    Extracted from coconuts; heat stable so good for cooking. Non-organic, hydrogenated variety also used in non-dairy creamers and snack foods.

    FF 237    Durian    
    From Monthong variety of durian.

    FF 238    Guarana, Raw Organic
    From Brazil. A stimulant - high caffeine content.

    FF 239    Hemp Protein Powder, Organic    
    From the Cannabis group of trees, but does not have a narcotic effect.

    FF 240    Lucuma, Raw Organic
    A South American sub-tropical fruit.

    FF 241    Maca Powder
    A South American root; also known as Peruvian ginseng.

    FF 242    Manuca Honey    
    New Zealand honey  from bees fed on manuca (tea tree) bush ; has anti-bacterial properties.

    FF 243    Mesquite    
    Powdered pod from tree found in N Mexico and SW USA.

    FF 244    Nopal Cactus
    Dried Mexican cactus.

    FF 245    Propolis
    Natural bee resin.

    FF 246    Royal Jelly
    Secreted by nurse bees and fed to queen bee throughout her life.

    FF 247    Spirulina Powder
    A freshwater algae.

    FF 248    Wheat Grass Powder, Organic    
    Young wheat leaves juiced and dried.

    FF 249    Xylitol    
    Made from birch tree; just over half calories of sugar; GI of 8; scientific research shows may help prevent tooth decay.

    FF 250    Yacon Syrup, Raw, Organic
    The syrup from a South American tuber.

  • Why Buy This Kit?

    These “superfoods” are often seen as being highly beneficial, but people can be allergic/sensitive to these, just as they can be to any other substance.

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