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Food Additive A Test Kit

The energy patterns of artificial food colourings, preservatives, monosodium glutamate, antioxidants, artificial sweeteners, etc.
31 vials.

Food Additive A Test Kit

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brightly coloured sweets or candies

  • Detailed Description

    The energy patterns of artificial food colourings, preservatives, monosodium glutamate, antioxidants, artificial sweeteners, etc. 31 vials. Not for home use, but for use by properly trained practitioners, such as those in kinesiology, chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, etc.

    FEA 1 E102 Tartrazine / FD & C Yellow No 5 / Food Yellow 4 / CI 19140
    Typical products: soft drinks, ice cream, confectionery, fish fingers, cakes, biscuits, perfume, shampoo, skin care products and cosmetics.

    FEA 2 E104 Quinoline Yellow/ Food Yellow 13 /CI 470005
    Typical products: confectionery, soft drinks.

    FEA 3 E110 Sunset Yellow / Orange Yellow 5 / FD & C Yellow No. 6 / Food Yellow 3 / CI 15985
    Typical products: confectionery, yoghurts, packet bread crumbs, jam.

    FEA 4 E122 Carmosine / Azorubine / Food Red 3 / CI 14720
    Typical products: confectionery, yoghurts, ices.

    FEA 5 E123 Amaranth / FD & C Red 2 / Food Red 9 / CI 16185
    Typical products: confectionery.

    FEA 6 E124 Ponceau 4R / Cochineal Red / Food Red 7 / CI 16255
    Typical products: confectionery.

    FEA 7 E127 Erythrosine / FD & C Red 3 / Food Red 14 / CI 45430
    Typical products: glacé cherries, custard mix, tinned meat.

    FEA 8 E128 Red 2G
    Typical products: sausages, jams.

    FEA 9 E131 Patent Blue V / Food Blue 5 / CI 42051
    Typical products: scotch eggs.

    FEA 10 E132 Indigo Carmine / Indigotine / FD & C Blue No 2 / Food Blue 1 / CI 73015
    Typical products: confectionery.

    FEA 11 E133 Brilliant Blue FCF / FD & C Blue No 1 / CI 42090
    Typical products: confectionery, tinned processed peas, perfume and cosmetics.

    FEA 12 E142 Green S / Acid Brilliant Green BS / Lissamine Green / Food Green 4 /CI 44090
    Typical products: confectionery, tinned peas, packet bread crumbs, mint jelly.

    FEA 13 E151 Black PN / Brilliant Black BN / Food Black 1 / CI 28440
    Typical products: black currant cheese cake, brown sauce, chocolate mousse.

    FEA 14 E154 Brown FK / Chocolate Brown FK
    Typical products: kippers, smoked mackerel, crisps, cooked ham.

    FEA 15 E155 Brown HT / Chocolate Brown HT / CI 20285
    Typical products: chocolate flavour cakes.

    FEA 16 E160a Beta-Carotene
    Typical products: tinned soup, soft drinks, salad cream, mayonnaise, ice cream, margarine.

    FEA 17 E202 Potassium Sorbate
    Typical products: soft drinks, cakes, ready prepared sandwiches, wine.

    FEA 18 E210 Benzoic Acid
    Typical products: jam, beer, salad cream, margarine, manufacture of sodium benzoate, alkyd resins, plasticizers, dyestuffs pharmaceuticals.

    FEA 19 E211 Sodium Benzoate
    Typical products: soft drinks, salad dressing, barbecue sauce, body wash, shampoo, mouth wash.

    FEA 20 E223 Sodium Metabisulphate
    Typical products:lemon juice, pickles, orange squash, carton salad, alcohol, home brewing and wine making.

    FEA 21 E296 Malic Acid
    Typical products: soft drinks, cereal bars, fruit pie fillings.

    FEA 22 E320 Butylated Hydroxyanisole/ BHA
    Typical products: confectionery, stock cubes, mayonnaise, mascara.

    FEA 23 E321 Butylated Hydroxytoluene/ BHT
    Typical products: body wash, face wash cream, perfume, blusher, mascara, shaving cream, after shave.

    FEA 24 E330 Citric Acid
    Typical products: soft drinks, instant potato, jams, jellies, mustard, confectionery, yoghurt, cereal bars, cheese & onion rolls, hair conditioner, shampoo, body wash, baby bath, cleanser, foundation, after shave, cough mixtures, cough lozenges, descaling cleaners.

    FEA 25 E331 Sodium Citrate
    Typical products: jams, jellies, soft drinks, confectionery, shampoo.

    FEA 26 E334 Tartaric Acid
    Typical products: cakes, baking powder, jams.

    FEA 27 E466 Sodium Carboxy Methylcellulose
    Typical products: ice cream, cakes, puddings, soft drinks, toothpaste, suspending and dispersing agent in drugs.

    FEA 28 E500 Sodium Bicarbonate
    Typical products: biscuits, cakes, antacids.

    FEA 29 E621 Monosodium Glutamate
    Typical products: processed meat products, gravy powder, stock cubes, tinned soup, packet sauce, crisps

    FEA 30 E951 Aspartame
    Typical products: fruit squash, fizzy drinks, low-calorie foods.

    FEA 31 E954 Saccharin
    Typical products: fruit squash, fizzy drinks, low-calorie foods, pot noodles, toothpaste.

  • Comments

    The listing of typical products is not exhaustive: many of these additives will be found in other products. Not all of the examples listed under "typical product" will contain the additive.

  • Why Buy This Kit?

    If you work with children, this kit is a must, as it includes many of the common food colourings, plus some other chemicals that enhance the taste of food without adding to its nutritional quality.

    Jane's book Energy Mismatch teaches you a simple method of rebalancing the body for these food additives, so that people who are susceptible to them don’t necessarily need to avoid them totally. (You need to be able to muscle test or dowse to use this procedure.)

    Some practitioners feel that they don’t want to carry out a procedure that allows children to eat these chemicals, but my own experience of treating lots of children is that it is better to do this. Many will continue eating the foods any way, possibly after a short period of abstinence following a visit to you. Correcting these sensitivities in the manner shown in my Energy Mismatch book will often reduce the craving for these chemicals.

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