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Energy Mismatch DVD NTSC Format

Format for USA, Canada, Japan, etc.

A professionally produced Energy Mismatch teaching workshop by Jane Thurnell-Read.

Runs for approx 2 hours.

Energy Mismatch DVD NTSC Format

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I love watching your DVD

- Sue Hooley, Adelaide, Australia

energy mismatch dvd NTSC format

  • Detailed Description

    Only buy this DVD if you live in the Americas (except Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and French Guiana), Myanmar, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and some Pacific island nations and territories. Otherwise buy the PAL format DVD.

    This DVD-video (DVD) covers something amazing - one profound concept and one simple technique. This can transform your practice, as it did Jane Thurnell-Read’s. This concept was central to so much of her success. When you understand about energy mismatch and how to correct it, you’ll also understand why at times she had a three month waiting list to see her.

    In this DVD you’ll see how you can use the technique for a whole range of problems and symptoms – not just allergies and sensitivities, but also toxicity, bacterial and viral problems of all sorts, poor assimilation of nutrients or hormonal imbalances.

    2 hours of information, insights and techniques explained clearly and coherently.


    We also sell a book by Jane Thurnell-Read entitled Energy Mismatch: Hormones, Enzymes, Viruses, Heavy Metals, Vaccinations, Drugs, Allergens, Flower Remedies, Homeopathics & More. This covers much of the same material, but there are also insights not discussed on the DVD.

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