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Bowel Nosodes Test Kit

Made from the cultures of bacterial samples from many people with similar symptoms.

11 vials.

Bowel Nosodes Test Kit

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    Suitable for use my professional practitioners. 11 vials.


    Bowel nosodes are prepared from cultures of non-lactose fermenting flora of the intestinal tract.


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    Code Name   Indications
    BN 01 Bacillus No. 7  Paterson Mental and physical fatigue; old rheumatism.
    BN 02 Bacillus No. 10 Paterson Fair, florid, dark, pale, anxious and active, irritable and depressed; warts and lipomas.
    BN 03 Dys. Co. Bach Anticipatory nervous anxiety.
    BN 04 Faecalis Bach Appears to be no specific indications for this.
    BN 05 Gaertner Bach Malnutrition and malignancy; inability to digest fat; over-active brain.
    BN 06 Morgan Bach Congestion, vertigo, introspection, depression. Itchy eruptions.
    BN 07 Morgan Gaertner Paterson Skin and liver conditions, but likely to be more useful where there is evidence of acute inflammatory attack. E.g. colic.
    BN 08 Morgan Pure Paterson Marked symptom of skin eruption or disturbance of the liver; bilious headache, or actual presence of gallstones.
    BN 09 Mutabile  Paterson Where there is alteration of symptoms, e. g. where skin eruption alternates with asthmatic symptoms; food alllergies of all types.
    BN 10 Proteus Bach Symptoms relative to the central or peripheral nervous systems and symptoms which appear with degree of suddenness and violence.
    BN 11 Sycotic Co. Paterson Irritability of mind and membranes; anaemic looking. 
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