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Book: Verbal Questioning Skills

This book shows you how to ask clear, concise verbal questions and how to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to uncertainty and confusion.

Book: Verbal Questioning Skills

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I truly appreciate your book "Verbal questioning skills for Kinesiologists". It is a constant source of help to me as I develop my technique.

- Peter Jeffs, England

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  • Detailed Description

    Written by Jane Thurnell-Read.


    Over 25,000 words and 120 plus pages - all Jane's knowledge, skill and experience about this fascinating topic, gained over many years helping many clients. It is one of the most powerful tools she has to help people get well and stay well. This book sets out to show you how to do it and how to avoid the pitfalls. It has been written with practical applications in mind. Topics include analysing emotions, working out supplement programmes, narrowing down the area for allergy or intolerance work, managing the session, and much much more.

    Suitable for anyone who can muscle test.


    Basic Considerations                
    Finding Thoughts, Words & Phrases        
    Placement: Where Is It?                
    Establishing Quantities: How Much?        
    Establishing Quantities: How Many?        
    Time: How Often? When?                
    Time: How Long?                
    Allergy & Intolerance Testing            
    Nutritional Supplements                
    Testing For Remedies & Test Kit Vials        
    Managing The Session                
    Final Thoughts                    
    Appendix 1: Physical Body Systems        
    Appendix 2: Grammar                
    Appendix 3: Food Classification            
    Appendix 4: Emotions

  • Readers' Comments

    "This book really is a must for every kinesiologist and kinesiology instructor."

    Lez Graham, UK

    “Your book gave me a lot to think about and I've highlighted many particular points that I will continue to reference as I train myself to become skilled in the use of questions."

    Shelly Early, USA

    "I really enjoyed reading both your books and intend to recommend your questions books to my students."

    Roslyn Nixon, Tasmania, Australia

    "I am getting so much out of the book and I may even purchase a spare as the first one is bound to get dog-eared! So well done for producing this special little volume."
    Marcia Fletcher, UK

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