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Body Bio-chemicals 5 Test Kit

The energy patterns of more weight loss hormones, most of the enzymes involved in glycolysis and six prostaglandins.
25 vials.

Body Bio-chemicals 5 Test Kit

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  • Detailed Description

    The energy patterns of more weight loss hormones, most of the enzymes involved in glycolysis and six prostaglandins. 25 vials for use by practitioners of bioresonance, applied kinesiology, NAET and other complementary therapies.

    BB101    Aldolase    
    Involved in 4th step in process of glycolysis.
    BB102    CART/ Cocaine- and Amphetamine Related Transcript    
    Modulates the action of leptin and neuropeptide Y and so reduces appetite; cocaine and amphetamines stimulate its production.
    BB103    Elastase    
    Pancreas, activated from proelastase by trypsin; turns peptides into proteins.    

    BB104    Enolase    Enzyme    
    Involved in 9th step in process of glycolysis.    

    BB105    Galanin    Neuropeptide    
    Inhibits release of acetylcholine and glutamic acid; decreases excitability of spinal neurons; stimulates the appetite.    
    May be involved in Alzheimer’s disease.

    BB106    Ghrelin    
    Increases appetite; may be a hormonal link between stomach, hypothalamus and pituitary and so regulate energy balance; regulates growth hormone secretions; may signal to the hypothalamus when an increase in metabolic efficiency is necessary.    
    Blood levels are elevated in anorexics and return to normal after partial weight recovery.

    BB107    Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase    
    Involved in 6th step in process of glycolysis.    

    BB108    Hexocinase
    Involved in 1st step in process of glycolysis.
    BB109    Melatonin    
    Secreted by pineal gland; may inhibit reproductive activities and promote sleep; regulation of body’s biological clock.
    BB110    Neuromedin B    
    Present in the central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract; binds to corticotropin releasing factor receptors; involved in smooth muscle contraction, blood pressure, blood glucose, body temperature and cell growth; suppresses the appetite.
    BB111     2-Phenylethylamine/ PEA/ β-Phenethylamine
    Chemical which plays a critical role in the limbic system known to give a feeling of bliss.    
    60% of depressed patients have a PEA deficit; a natural ingredient in chocolate; MAOI anti-depressants increase concentrations of this in the brain.

    BB112    Phosphoglucose Isomerase    
    Involved in 2nd step in process of glycolysis.    

    BB113    Phospho-Fructokinase    
    Involved in 3rd step in process of glycolysis.
    BB114    Prostaglandin  A1/ PGA1        
    Relaxes the muscles in the walls of blood vessels, acting as powerful vasodilators and so lowering blood pressure.    
    May protect against peptic ulcers.

    BB115    Prostaglandin  D2/ PGD2        
    Stimulates inflammation.
    BB116    Prostaglandin E1/ PGE1        
    Dilates blood vessels and so reduces blood pressure.    
    Seems to be elevated in manic-depressive disorders; used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in men.

    BB117    Prostaglandin  E2/ PGE2        
    Promotes platelet adhesiveness; promotes sodium retention; promotes inflammation; widens airways; stimulates contraction of uterus; protects against peptic ulcers; acts on adenylate cyclase to enhance the production of cyclic AMP.    Used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in men.

    BB118    Prostaglandin  F2/ PGF2        
    Stimulates contraction of uterus; narrows airways.
    BB119    Prostaglandin  I2/ PGI2        
    Reduces platelet stickiness.    
    Women who develop pre-eclampsia have low levels of this.

    BB120    Purine        
    Used in the process producing proteins; converts the energy produced by the oxidation of food molecules to a form which the cell can use to satisfy its energy needs; involved in  nerve conduction and muscle contraction; rids cells of excess nitrogen; protects the cell from cancer-causing agents.    
    Increased levels raise the levels of uric acid in the blood and cause gout.

    BB121    Pyruvate Kinase
    Involved in 10th step in process of glycolysis.    

    BB122    Serine    Amino Acid    
    Can be made in human body from glycine; used to make substances such as choline, phospholids, phosphotidylserine; present in all cell membranes; plays a key role in membrane stability.    

    BB123    Triosephosphate Isomerase    
    Involved in 5th step in process of glycolysis.
    BB124    Uric Acid        
    Waste product of the breakdown of nucleic acid in cells; formed primarily in the liver and excreted by the kidney into the urine.    Over-production leads to uric acid crystal deposits in the joints (gout); low levels in people with multiple sclerosis; high levels in metabolic syndrome.

    BB125    Urocortin
    Inhibits appetite.    

  • Comments

    More hormones are available in the Hormone Test Kit and the other Body Biochemical test kits.


    Michael W. Davidson of the Florida State University: "Prostaglandins act in a manner similar to that of hormones, by stimulating target cells into action. However, they differ from hormones in that they act locally, near their site of synthesis, and they are metabolized very rapidly. Another unusual feature is that the same prostaglandins act differently in different tissues."

    A series of chemical reactions in the cytosol of the cell in which a molecule of glucose is split into two molecules of pyruvic acid2 and two ATP's molecules (the energy currency of living cells, storing and transferring energy produced in metabolic processes).

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