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200 Plus Weight Loss Tips (eBook)

200+ weight loss tips, many of them backed up by references to scientific and medical research.

200 Plus Weight Loss Tips (eBook)

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  • Detailed Description

    200+ weight loss tips, many of them backed up by references to scientific and medical research. Practical ideas that are easy to apply and effective. No bizarre diets or trying to sell you pills, CDs, specific programmes. Just great advice and support to help you get control of your appetite, lose weight and keep it off.

  • Excerpts

    Here are some excerpts from this book:

    Imagine More To Eat Less
    While you may not be able to stop after just one, simply imagining yourself eating a bag of crisps could keep you from going overboard. A study by Carey Morewedge of Carnegie Mellon University, published in Science, shows that when you imagine eating a certain food, it reduces your actual consumption of that food. These findings suggest that trying to suppress your thoughts of desired foods in order to curb cravings for those foods is a fundamentally flawed strategy.

    A Healthy Alternative To Sugar
    If you can’t give up sugar, try xylitol instead. Xylitol is found in the fibres of many fruits and vegetables, but commercially it is often made from birch trees. It is a much better for you than sugar. It has a lower glycaemic index (8 rather than 65).  It is absorbed more slowly, so doesn't generate the unstable blood sugar that ordinary sugar does. It is about as sweet as sugar but with just over half the calories (2.4 kcal per gram as opposed to 4.00 kcal per gram for ordinary sugar).

    It can be used in hot and cold drinks and baking - in fact all the ways that ordinary sugar can be used, except for things like bread making as it kills yeast. It does not have the after-taste of many artificial sweeteners.

    There is also mounting research that it reduces dental decay (rather than increasing it as ordinary sugar does). The only real downside is that it can have a laxative effect if taken to excess. It is also not suitable for pets. Xylitol can be found in many health stores.


    Motivate Yourself
    Robert Middleton of www.actionplan.com suggests that you pay a fine, if you don’t keep to your commitment. Nothing particularly new about that, but he suggests a great twist – you pay your fine to a group that you disagree with completely. For example, commit to giving money to a political party you detest if you don’t keep your resolution.

    Heart & Hands
    Karen Knowler, the Raw Food Coach, says: “When the heart is hungry the hand tends to reach out, and down the chute goes the ‘love’. For real and long lasting weight loss, all areas of life need to be looked at. How happy are you at home, in your relationship, in your work, in your everyday life? How emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically fulfilled are you? As long as you feel empty inside you will likely have a tendency to fill it up with something, anything, and that, more often than not, will be food.”

    Cancer And Weight
    A study published in the British Medical Journal (November 2007) links cancer to body weight. Researchers examined the effect of body mass index (BMI) on both cancer incidence and death among 1.2 million women aged 50 to 64 over five years for cancer incidence and seven years for cancer mortality.  An increasing BMI was associated with a significant increase in risk for 10 out of 17 specific types of cancer. Similarly, risk for death also increased with BMI for most types of cancer. Arm yourself with facts like this to give you yet more reason to lose weight and keep it off.

    Are You Giving Away your Power?
    When you eat in a restaurant, buy a ready meal, buy chocolate or an ice cream, do you let the producer decide what is the amount you should eat by finishing whatever the portion size happens to be? Take back your power and decide for yourself when you’ve had enough. Do store owners decide your impulse buys by putting high calorie food next to the checkout? Take back your power and choose for yourself what you buy.

    Low Carbohydrate Diets
    A 2008 study from the psychology department at Tufts University USA shows that when dieters eliminate carbohydrates from their meals, they performed more poorly on memory-based tasks than when they reduce calories, but maintain carbohydrates. When carbohydrates were reintroduced, cognition skills returned to normal. Low carbohydrate diets aren’t necessarily good for your general health.

    Many people who are trying to lose weight find it difficult to have a positive self- image. DeeDee Dayhoff, clinical social worker with Counseling and Psychological Services at the Indiana University Health Center, offers the following tips on how to become comfortable with your body image:

    • Limit/stop your "fat talk." Examples of fat talk include: "I hate how fat these jeans make me look." "I can't believe I just ate all of that for lunch." Fat talk is "toxic chatter" and erodes self-esteem.
    • Resist engaging in fat talk about others. This includes making critical comments about the way that others look.
    • Work on developing a more accepting and positive attitude about your body. Every day, you can make an effort to name something that you appreciate or that your body helps you do.
    • Develop a more critical eye and ear about negative messages conveyed in the media. Don't allow the media to control your self-esteem or perception of your body image; think critically about what the advertisement is trying to sell you or what distorted messages about appearance are being projected.
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