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    All Test Kits

    Our test kits are suitable for kinesiologists and EAV practitioners. They are NOT suitable for the general public.


    Test kits come in plastic bags – you can buy a selection of storage boxes separately.

    Download the full test kit information here>>

  • Starter Test Kit Packsno picture available

    Starter Test Kit Packs

    We have so many kits, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. We have put these starter packs together for you.

  • New ProductsNew Products

    New Products

    We are always adding new products;  this section quickly helps you to identify them.

  • Books & DVDsBooks & DVDs

    Books & DVDs

    Jane Thurnell-Read writes books that people enjoy reading. She knows how to make complex subjects easy to understand.

    Some of Jane's books are technical (designed for students and therapists), whereas others are suitable for everyone.

    Please check individual descriptions before buying.

  • Empty BoxesEmpty Boxes

    Empty Boxes

    These empty boxes are suitable for holding our test kits and also fit the small empty vials we sell. We have cardboard boxes where the vials lie flat and plastic boxes where the vials are upright.


    The plastic boxes we sell are imported from the USA, so if you live in North America it is much cheaper for you to buy locally. They are bullet boxes made by MTM and are for 44 mag bullets. Find a local North American dealer.

  • Empty VialsEmpty Vials

    Empty Vials

    Empty vials similar to the ones we use for the test kits. Two styles - one for solids and liquids, and one for liquids. Very small glass vials. Two pack sizes for each type of vial - 50 and 100.

  • Earth EnergiesEarth Energies

    Earth Energies

    All of these energies have been made by Jane Thurnell-Read either alone or with the help of John Payne. The essences are a combination of place, time of day, season, sea-state, weather and prevailing mood.

  • Nutritional SupplementsNutritional Supplements

    Nutritional Supplements

    These nutritional supplements are personally recommended by our director Jane Thurnell-Read, who has been involved in the health care and nutritional supplement industry for over 30 years.

  • Homeopathic Home Helpno picture available

    Homeopathic Home Help

    Symptomatic relief within the homeopathic tradition for stress, insomnia, childhood teething, injury, shock and more.

  • Practitioner Business Success CoursePractitioner Business Success Course

    Practitioner Business Success Course

    I promise you that if you sign up for the course and do all the work you will have a more successful, less stressful practice.