Frequently Asked Questions

Are these home testing kits?

No, these kits are not suitable for home use, but are designed to be used by kinesiologists, chiropractors, Bio-Energetic Regulatory Medicine and EAV practitioners.



How are the kits made?

Read our detailed description for the answer to that.



What is the size of the vials in the kits?

The dimensions of the vials is approximately 4 cms high (1.5 inches) with a diameter of 1 cm.



How should I store the kits?

The kits come in seal-easy bags and you can store them in this way if you wish. We sell storage boxes which you can buy separately.


It is important to store these kits out of direct sunlight, away from strong smells (such as aromatherapy oils, herbs, etc.). We also recommend that they are stored away from magnets (in practice this means on opposite sides of the room except when they are being used). However, some practitioners use magnets in their testing procedures, and so far this has not caused any problem with the vials.  These kits have proved to be amazingly robust and have survived freezing conditions and much else! But, of course, it is better not to take a chance.

There are no problems about storing different kits in the same box, although you might want to organise them in a particular way for other reasons. For example, you might want to store all your flower remedies together.



How long do the kits last?

We have kits that are 20 or more years old and are still fine. Providing you store them properly, they should last for a long time.



I need to travel with my kits. Will they be OK going through X-ray machines?

We have kits that are over 20 years old and have been X-rayed many times by airport authorities, but they are still fine.



What about going through customs?

We can provide you with a letter on our headed notepaper explaining about the kits, if you give us sufficient notice. This usually helps, but we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to take the kits into any country.



What about magnets?

Do not store the kits near magnets. There are practitioners who have protocols that involve using our kits with strong magnets. The vials seem to be absolutely fine being exposed for this short time in this way. Do not, however, store the kits next to magnets.



Do you have ...?

We have an A to Z of all the vials, which you can browse to see if we sell what you want. We also have a limited number of vials that are not listed, because they have not made it into a kit yet.

I get numerous requests for different items that I do not already stock. Sometimes it is possible to provide what you want, but often it is not. This is because I am very careful about the starting material I use for kits, and some starting materials (such as some bacteria, etc.) are very difficult to obtain.

1 May

First class delivery service. Product as stated but have not used it due to restriction imposed by uk authorities


26 April

I have bought many kits and vials and have been very happy with the quality, price and prompt delivery.


28 April

Highly recommend!


1 May

We have not really tested the vial that we have purchased, however we are also interested in other items that you currently have. As our business situation are slow due to lockdown in our country, we will look into it when the time comes. We appreciate your concerns and constant flow of information from your company. Thank you.


26 April

I am glad to have received your product as it was the first time ordering from your company. I am aware that you have shut down for an indefinite period of time, is this correct?.
I was looking forward to ordering other products.