About Us
Life-Work Potential Limited is based in Devon, UK. We have been selling test kits for over twenty years, and have customers in over 30 different countries. We are happy to send our products to any country.

As we are based in the UK, you will be charged in GB Pounds. However, you can get a guide price in your own currency by choosing it from the drop-down menu at the top right of any page of our website.

Orders are usually dispatched the same day or the next working day. Wherever possible we use a trackable service on orders over GB pounds 30, although this service is not available for some countries. Occasionally for European countries we use a tracked road courier service instead.

Test Kit Suitability
Our testing kits are not intended for use by the general public. They are not suitable for home use or for school projects; neither are they suitable for laboratory or medical use. These kits are designed to be used by complementary and alternative practitioners – kinesiologists, chiropractors, naturopaths, NAET practitioners, EAV, Vega and Mora practitioners, etc. They are not intended for diagnosis of any medical condition. Nor do we claim that these vials can be used to alleviate any medical symptoms or condition.

Create Account (optional)
We do not require that you have an account with us to order. Having an account however means you can access your order history, store a VAT number (EC shipping destinations only) and save your shipping and billing details.
If you do choose to create an account, your password must be a minimum of 8 characters with at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one numeric and one special character such as ! or ?

VAT Registered Businesses
If your selected shipping destination qualifies (in the EC but outside the UK) and you have a valid VAT registration number, you can enter your VAT number during the checkout process. If you register for an account, you can store it in your account settings for use every time you checkout. When entering the number, enter only the numeric portion of the number without the country code prefix, eg 123456789. Note that if you have stored your VAT number in your account, it will appear on the checkout page but you must press the 'validate' button to apply it to each order as it must be checked against your chosen shipping destination.

Test Kit Information
The full test kit information (around 200 pages) is available in English as a download – click on the PDF Download link to access this.

The information represents many hours of diligent research over many years and is protected by copyright. Please do not copy more than 200 words, or photocopy all or part to pass on to others (either freely or for gain) without our express permission.
We do not believe that the written information alone provides sufficient information for accurate kinesiology testing or dowsing. Please do not use this information in that way.

Storing The Kits
It is important to store these kits out of direct sunlight, away from strong smells (such as aromatherapy oils, herbs, etc.). We also recommend that they are stored away from magnets (in practice this means on opposite sides of the room except when they are being used). However, some practitioners use magnets in their testing procedures, and so far this has not caused any problem with the vials.
There are no problems about storing different kits in the same box, although you might want to organise them in a particular way for other reasons, e.g. it is fine to store bacteria vials and flower remedies in the same box, although you might want to store all your flower remedies together for logical reasons.

How The Kits Are Made
The starting material for different kits has varied, so there isn't a simple answer to this except to say we always use the best we can at the time regardless of cost to us.

A lot of the chemicals, additives, biochemicals etc come from actual substances bought through a big laboratory supplier - sometimes the starting material has cost us as much as GB Pounds 400 /USD 600 for a small starting sample! Some stuff comes from microscope slides e.g. many of the parasites. All of the pathology/histology slides come from human tissue microscope slides, many bought from a retired pathologist in the USA.  Some of the early kits (e.g. the metals) come from RAE cards. Occasionally we use high-quality research standard digital microscopy images, and very occasionally we use rates developed by Bruce Copen, one of the most respected figures in this field. Sometimes we use homeopathic potencies as the starter - this is particularly true with some of the more lethal bacteria and viruses - obtained from very reputable suppliers.

We use three “copying” machines: two are from the Bruce Copen Laboratories - one of the foremost researchers in this field over many years - and the other, which we only use rarely, is from Metabolics. These machines are able to copy the energy pattern from one substance into a blank medium.

The glass vials themselves come from a reputable German supplier and are produced by consistently using a Quality Assurance System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. These are then sent to a company in London who fills them with the special water provided by us. They do this after they have stripped down and cleaned their machines and replaced all the rubber hoses and seals.

The vials contain water specially filtered for us by a company that really knows about purifying water and also about subtle energy considerations. They use a unique process that enhances the water’s ability to hold energy patterns clearly, robustly and over time.
As you can see, we are really taking the maximum care to ensure the fundamental and crucial integrity of the vials and the kits we produce.

How Long Do The Kits Last?
We have kits that are 20 or more years old and are still fine. Providing you store them properly, they should last for a long time.

Travelling With The Kits
At one time Jane was travelling a lot teaching and took some test kits backwards and forwards, so they were X-rayed many times by airport authorities, but they all were fine.

We can provide you with a letter on our headed notepaper explaining about the kits, if you give us sufficient notice. This usually helps with any custom problems, but we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to take the kits into any country.

1 May

Very professional and speedy!


28 April

Highly recommend!


1 May

First class delivery service. Product as stated but have not used it due to restriction imposed by uk authorities


25 April

Everything about this company is 5 Star! The products, the service, the advice - everything!


26 April

I have bought many kits and vials and have been very happy with the quality, price and prompt delivery.