Remedies Kits - Essences Etc.

Flower remedies, earth energies, homeopathic remedies and herbs can be used as part of energy procedures or to inform client’s decisions about what to take.


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  • Bach Flower Remedies Test KitOak Tree

    Bach Flower Remedies Test Kit

    These ever popular flower remedies in a convenient test kit. This kit is not suitable for dispensing purposes.

    39 vials.


  • Earth Energies Test Kit

    Earth Energies Test Kit

    Earth Energies from Jane Thurnell-Read: Balance, Comfort, Energy and Realism, Inner Wisdom, Need, Pain and Space.
    7 vials.


  • Essential Oils A Test Kitcypress trees

    Essential Oils A Test Kit

    The energy patterns of bergamot, camomile, cinnamon, clove, cyprus, dill, eucalyptus, frankincense, ginger, jasmine, lavender, lemon (2 types), lemon grass, etc.

    37 vials.


  • Essential Oils B Test Kitmassaging with essential oils

    Essential Oils B Test Kit

    The energy patterns of marigold, marjoram, melissa, myrrh, patchouli, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, etc.

    37 vials.


  • Homeopathic A Test Kithomeopathy in dictionary

    Homeopathic A Test Kit

    Two tablets in each vial (30C potency) including arnica, arsen alb, hepar sulph, lachesis, lycopodium, merc sol, nux vom, petroleum, rhus tox, sulphur, thuja, etc.
    54 vials.


  • Homeopathic B Test Kithomeopathic tablets

    Homeopathic B Test Kit

    Two tablets in each vial including actaea rac, alumina, antim crud, apis mel, cantharis, helleborus, lilium tig, nat mur, podophyllum, etc.
    50 vials.


  • Maui Test Kitcrystal slice

    Maui Test Kit

    These vials are radionic copies of a set of original remedies, based on flowers and gems.
    24 vials.


  • Medicinal Herbs Test Kitpestle and mortar

    Medicinal Herbs Test Kit

    Common medicinal herbs including Milk Thistle, Agnus Castus, Korean Ginseng, Golden Rod, Vervain etc.
    50 vials.


  • Medicinal Herbs Women Test Kitherbal tea

    Medicinal Herbs Women Test Kit

    Herbs specifically for women including Black Cohosh, Angelica, Shepherds Purse and Mugwort.
    25 vials.