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  • Biofilms Test Kitsalmonella

    Biofilms Test Kit

    Biofilms can make bacteria in the body difficult to find and counteract.

    15 vials.


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  • Food Starter Pack

    Food Starter Pack

    4 kits (Food A, Food B and Food C plus Food Additive A Test Kit)

    189 vials.


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  • Infections Starter Packvirus

    Infections Starter Pack

    A Starter Kit of  116 vials from 5 Test Kits.


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  • Animal/Veterinary Packcat and dog

    Animal/Veterinary Pack

    4 Animal Test Kits.

    208 vials.

    £240.34 £228.32

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  • Common Elements (Metals And Minerals) Test Kitmetals

    Common Elements (Metals And Minerals) Test Kit

    Vials representing minerals and metals that people encounter in food and the environment.

    32 vials.


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  • Animals: Canine (Dog) Test Kitdogs

    Animals: Canine (Dog) Test Kit

    A range of vials specifically related to dogs.

    60 vials.


  • Animals: Equine (Horse) Test Kit3 horses

    Animals: Equine (Horse) Test Kit

    Healthy and diseased tissues, virus, vaccinations and parasites.

    30 Vials


  • Animals: Feline (Cat) 1 Test Kitcat

    Animals: Feline (Cat) 1 Test Kit

    Histology and pathology specifically related to domestic cats.

    85 vials


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  • Animals: Feline (Cat) 2 Test Kitcat

    Animals: Feline (Cat) 2 Test Kit

    Vaccines, parasites etc. specific to cats.

    33 vials.


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  • Animals: Feline Combination Packcats

    Animals: Feline Combination Pack

    Combination of Feline 1 and 2 kits.

    118 Vials.

    £131.96 £125.36

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  • Homeopathic Home Remedy KitHelios Basic Homeopathy Kit

    Homeopathic Home Remedy Kit

    Strong, lightweight and compact the 18-remedy kit covers many common self-help ailments and minor injuries for all the family.


  • Homeopathic Pet KitHelios Pet Kit

    Homeopathic Pet Kit

    The Homeopathic Pet Kit covers a wide range of minor ailments and first aid situations for all your animals.


  • Simply Naturals Plant Based Minerals

    Simply Naturals Plant Based Minerals

    Plant-based natural minerals, offering rapid absorption and a great taste too. Each Sizzling Mineral wafer/tablet contains the full spectrum of plant derived minerals.


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  • Homeopathic Injury Remedyhomeopathic injury remedy

    Homeopathic Injury Remedy

    Used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of pains and minor trauma associated with minor injuries, bruises, strains and sprains as well as minor emotional trauma.


  • Homeopathic Sleep Remedyhomeopathic sleep remedy

    Homeopathic Sleep Remedy

    Used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of temporary sleep disturbances wherever you are.


  • Homeopathic Stress Remedyhomeopathic stress remedy

    Homeopathic Stress Remedy

    Used within the homeopathic tradition for the symptomatic relief of symptoms associated with mild stress.


  • Helios A B CHelios Remedy for Children

    Helios A B C

    Homeopathic remedy that can be safely used for babies and small children.


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