Kits For Allergy Work

Kits for testing foods, alcoholic drinks, food additives nutritional minerals and toxic metals, chemicals, vaccinations, pollens, dust, moulds and fabrics.



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 Why buy kits rather than using substances:




  • Food Starter Pack

    Food Starter Pack

    4 kits (Food A, Food B and Food C plus Food Additive A Test Kit)

    189 vials.


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  • Food A Test Kitfoods incuding eggs, milk, chicken

    Food A Test Kit

    The energy patterns of apple, banana, beef, carrot, cauliflower, cheese, chicken, egg, garlic, grape, lemon, milk, peanut, pork, potato, etc.
    56 vials.


  • Food B Test Kitpasta and rice

    Food B Test Kit

    The energy patterns of almond, barley, cashew nut, chickpea, cocoa, coconut, coffee, oats, rice, sugar, wheat flour, yeast, etc.
    52 vials.


  • Food C Test Kitcinnamon powder

    Food C Test Kit

    The energy patterns of gluten, goat's milk, cow's milk yoghurt, quinoa, blueberry, okra, pak choi, mango, etc.
    50 vials.


  • Food D Test Kitmelon and other fruit

    Food D Test Kit

    The energy patterns of many extra herbs, spices, nuts, fruit and vegetables.
    42 vials.


  • Food E Test Kitfish dish

    Food E Test Kit

    The energy patterns of more fish, maple syrup, sheep's milk, tofu and more.
    25 vials.


  • Food F Test Kithealthy older man touching toes

    Food F Test Kit

    The energy patterns of "superfoods", (including spirulina, raw chocolate, guarana) and sweeteners (including xylitol and yacon syrup).
    25 vials.


  • Food G Test KitChinese food

    Food G Test Kit

    Focussing on Asian cuisine, includes seaweeds, fruits and vegetables.

    50 vials.


  • Food: Flours Test Kitflours

    Food: Flours Test Kit

    A comprehensive list of flour including many gluten-free ones.

    41 vials


  • Food: Milks Test Kitboy drinking milk

    Food: Milks Test Kit

    Includes lactose-free cows’ milk, A2 cow's milk, sheep’s milk, buffalo milk, as well as almond, rice, soya and oat milks.
    18 vials.


  • Food Toxicity Packsolanine family and mushrooms

    Food Toxicity Pack

    Food Toxicity Pack.

    68 vials.


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  • Bonsoy Soya Milkcoffe-latte

    Bonsoy Soya Milk

    Bonsoy Soya Milk Vial

    1 vial.


  • Food: Mushrooms Test Kitfour mushrooms

    Food: Mushrooms Test Kit

    Various edible mushrooms including Chestnut, Shitake, Porcini and truffles.
    14 vials.


  • Food: Pulses Test Kitred kidney beans in a bowl

    Food: Pulses Test Kit

    16 beans/pulses plus soya bean (in two forms) plus a mixed vial containing all of them.
    19 vials.


  • Food: Vegetable Oils Test Kitputting oil and vinegar on salad

    Food: Vegetable Oils Test Kit

    Various oils used in cooking and processed food, including corn oil, groundnut oil, sunflower oil and rapeseed/canola oil. 29 vials.


  • Food Additive A Test Kitbrightly coloured sweets or candies

    Food Additive A Test Kit

    The energy patterns of artificial food colourings, preservatives, monosodium glutamate, antioxidants, artificial sweeteners, etc.
    31 vials.


  • Food Additive B Test Kittins of food, packets of food

    Food Additive B Test Kit

    The energy patterns of caffeine, lactose, sorbitol, pectin, vanillin, titanium dioxide, guar gum, gum acacia, xanthan gum, etc.
    25 vials.


  • N American Food Color Additionsmap of North America

    N American Food Color Additions

    The US Food & Drug Administration allow 7 artificial colors in foods. 5 are in Food Additive Test Kit A. Here are the other two.

    2 vials.


  • Drinks: Alcoholic A Test Kittwo champagne glasses

    Drinks: Alcoholic A Test Kit

    The energy patterns of beer, lager, cider, brandy, gin, whisky, rum, wines, sherry, etc.
    26 vials.


  • Drinks: Alcoholic B Test Kitalcoholic cocktail

    Drinks: Alcoholic B Test Kit

    The energy patterns of absinthe, advocaat, calvados, drambuie, grappa, ouzo, sake, vermouth, etc.

    21 vials.


  • Drinks Non-Alcoholic A Test Kitopen soda can

    Drinks Non-Alcoholic A Test Kit

     Available soon.

    Soft drinks/soda including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Red Bull, etc. 20 vials.


  • Sweeteners Test Kitsugar on spoons

    Sweeteners Test Kit

    Various natural and artificial sweeteners including honey, high fructose corn syrup, stevia and sucralose.
    24 vials.


  • Lectins Test Kitpasta and tomatoes

    Lectins Test Kit

    Lectins are found in plants and milk. Lectins are sticky and so interact with the lining of the throat and the digestive tract when we eat them.

    7 vials.


  • Food Phenolics Test Kitvegetables and fruit

    Food Phenolics Test Kit

    The energy patterns of phenolics. A reaction to a whole range of foods may be caused by an underlying food phenolic. Includes apiol, coumarin, indole, piperine and tyramine.

    14 vials.


  • Food Toxins Test Kitpizza

    Food Toxins Test Kit

    Substances in common foods that cause people problems. Based on the work of Michael Lebowitz, DC.

    10  vials.


  • Salicylates Test Kitvarious fruit and vegetables

    Salicylates Test Kit

    Salicylates occur naturally in plants, protecting them against diseases, insects, fungi, and harmful bacteria. Synthetic salicylates can also be found in many medications, perfumes and preservatives.

    10 Vials


  • Common Elements (Metals And Minerals) Test Kitmetals

    Common Elements (Metals And Minerals) Test Kit

    Vials representing minerals and metals that people encounter in food and the environment.

    32 vials.


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  • Chemical And Inhalant Test KitChemical flasks in a laboratory

    Chemical And Inhalant Test Kit

    The energy patterns of ammonia, bee sting, butyl, carbon tetrachloride, coal tar, creosote, crude oil, diesel fumes, formaldehyde, house dust mite, mosquito bite, perfumes, petrol fumes, phenol, etc.

    39 vials.


  • Dental Test Kitdentist checking child's teeth

    Dental Test Kit

    The energy patterns of amalgam, glues, resins, filling & crown material, three local anaesthetics, a periodontal nosode, etc.
    50 vials.


  • Industrial & Environmental 1 Test Kitfactory chimneys billowing smoke

    Industrial & Environmental 1 Test Kit

    The energy patterns of many of the chemicals widely present in the environmentand encountered in everyday life , e.g. acetaldehyde, chlorobenzene, toluene, etc.
    25 vials.


  • Industrial & Environmental 2 Test Kittraffic jam

    Industrial & Environmental 2 Test Kit

    The energy patterns of more chemicals including benzene, several phthalates, etc.
    25 vials.


  • Industrial & Environmental 3 Test Kitspray cleaning bottles

    Industrial & Environmental 3 Test Kit

    The energy patterns of more chemicals including bisphenol A, PCB's and various plastics, etc. some of which are found in breast milk.
    25 vials.


  • Industrial & Environmental 4 Test Kitwild fire

    Industrial & Environmental 4 Test Kit

    More environmental chemicals including flame retardants, water fluoridation chemicals, some of the toxic substances found in cigarette smoke nd Disperse Blue a dark clothing dye known to be highly allergenic.

    25 vials.


  • Fragrance Test Kitvarious fragrance bottles

    Fragrance Test Kit

    The energy patterns of synthetic fragrances used in perfume, personal care products and household products.
    27 vials.


  • Personal Care Test Kitlipstick and makeup

    Personal Care Test Kit

    The energy patterns of common ingredients in personal care products, including sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol and 3 parabens.
    31 vials.


  • Pesticide 1 Test Kitbug

    Pesticide 1 Test Kit

    The energy patterns of various pesticides including lindane, parathion, paraquat, heptachlor, campheclor etc.
    25 vials.


  • Pesticide 2 Test KitToxic chemicals with Danger written on them

    Pesticide 2 Test Kit

    More pesticides including some mixed vials giving you access to a lot of different pesticides and herbicides. Also the 4 pesticides that make up DDT.
    25 vials.


  • Pesticide 3 Test KitGrass with moisture on it

    Pesticide 3 Test Kit

    More pesticides, including some used in the home. Many have been shown to exceed their standard for maximum residue level in food within the EC.
    25 vials.


  • Pollens Etc.1 Test Kitclose up of pollen on stamens

    Pollens Etc.1 Test Kit

    The energy patterns of tree pollens, weed pollens, grass pollens, house dust, tobacco smoke, pet hair, moulds etc.
    22 vials.


  • Pollens Etc.2 Test Kitboy blowing nose

    Pollens Etc.2 Test Kit

    The energy patterns of various pollens (including ragweed and rapeseed/canola), moulds, dusts and fabrics.
    28 vials.


  • Pollens USAgrass

    Pollens USA

    Mixed tree pollens and mixed grass pollens specific to USA.

    2 vials.


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  • Pollens Japantypical image of Japanese pagoda

    Pollens Japan

    Pollen vials specific to Japan.

    3 vials.


  • Anaesthetic And Pain Test Kitsurgeon operating

    Anaesthetic And Pain Test Kit

    Drugs used in anaesthesia (local, general, epidural) and also sometimes for pain including Codeine, Diamorphine, Diazepam, Ketamine and Procaine.

    48 vials.


  • Recreational Drugs Test Kitashtray with cigarette

    Recreational Drugs Test Kit

    The energy patterns of amphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, methadone, nicotine, cotinine, etc.
    14 vials.


  • Snake Venom Test Kitvenous snake sign

    Snake Venom Test Kit

    Energy patterns of snake venom.

    20 vials.


  • Spider And Scorpion Test Kitscorpion

    Spider And Scorpion Test Kit

    Spider and scorpion venom from around the world.


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