Country Specific Vials

Vials that relate to specific countries or geographical areas and so are not included in more general kits.


The full test kit information can be viewed or downloaded here>>

  • Pollens USAgrass

    Pollens USA

    Mixed tree pollens and mixed grass pollens specific to USA.

    2 vials.


    new product
  • Barmah Forest Virus Vial

    Barmah Forest Virus Vial

    Only found in Australia.

    1 vial.


  • Pollens Japantypical image of Japanese pagoda

    Pollens Japan

    Pollen vials specific to Japan.

    3 vials.


  • Bonsoy Soya Milkcoffe-latte

    Bonsoy Soya Milk

    Bonsoy Soya Milk Vial

    1 vial.