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Jane Thurnell-Read writes books that people enjoy reading. She knows how to make complex subjects easy to understand.

Some of Jane's books are technical (designed for students and therapists), whereas others are suitable for everyone.

Please check individual descriptions before buying.

  • Energy Mismatch DVD PAL Formatenergy mismatch dvd PAL format

    Energy Mismatch DVD PAL Format

    Format for Europe and Australia etc.

    A professionally produced DVD teaching workshop by Jane Thurnell-Read. Run time approx 2 hours.


  • Energy Mismatch DVD NTSC Formatenergy mismatch dvd NTSC format

    Energy Mismatch DVD NTSC Format

    Format for USA, Canada, Japan, etc.

    A professionally produced Energy Mismatch teaching workshop by Jane Thurnell-Read.

    Runs for approx 2 hours.


  • Book: Allergy A To Zallergy book

    Book: Allergy A To Z

    Jane has seen literally thousands of clients with allergies and sensitivities, and she has put her knowledge and insights into this book.

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  • Book: Energy Mismatchenergy mismatch book cover

    Book: Energy Mismatch

    Adverse reactions to foods, hormones, vaccinations, flower remedies, etc. can undermine people's health and well-being. Use the techniques taught in this book to find and rebalance the energy system.


  • Book: Geopathic Stressgeopathic stress book

    Book: Geopathic Stress

    A comprehensive look at this fascinating subject with many case studies. Read about the people who got better by getting their houses 'fixed'. Understand how the author predicted  that a man she had never met would suffer with leg or back problems.

    £8.45 £4.00

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  • Book: Health Kinesiologyhealth kinesiology

    Book: Health Kinesiology

    A comprehensive description of health kinesiology for those thinking about seeing a kinesiologist or considering training as a health kinesiologist. The book is illustrated with many case studies of how effective this remarkable system can be.

    £9.50 £5.00

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  • Book: KinesiologyKinesiology book cover

    Book: Kinesiology

    Learn about the history of kinesiology and the different systems that have evolved. Read about the key concepts and what happens in a session.


  • Book: Nutritional Testing For Kinesiologists & Dowsersnutrition book cover

    Book: Nutritional Testing For Kinesiologists & Dowsers

    This book teaches you how to use your skills as a dowser or kinesiologist to navigate your way through all the nutrition information available.


  • Book: Verbal Questioning Skillsverbal questioning skills book cover

    Book: Verbal Questioning Skills

    This book shows you how to ask clear, concise verbal questions and how to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to uncertainty and confusion.


  • 200 Plus Weight Loss Tips (eBook)weight loss tips cover

    200 Plus Weight Loss Tips (eBook)

    200+ weight loss tips, many of them backed up by references to scientific and medical research.


  • 500 Plus Health And Happiness Tips (eBook)health and happiness tips cover

    500 Plus Health And Happiness Tips (eBook)

    Over 500 easy to understand and easy to use tips. Remind yourself of things you already know, arm yourself with new information and purpose, and be inspired to have the life you want.