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Our test kits are suitable for kinesiologists and EAV practitioners. They are NOT suitable for the general public.


Test kits come in plastic bags – you can buy a selection of storage boxes separately.

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  • Complete Kit ListComplete Kit List

    Complete Kit List

    Our complete range of test kits, excluding the kits which are updates for existing kits.



  • Food And Drink KitsFood And Drink Kits

    Food And Drink Kits

    A huge selection of foods available in various kits.

  • Kits For Allergy WorkKits For Allergy Work

    Kits For Allergy Work

    Kits for testing foods, alcoholic drinks, food additives nutritional minerals and toxic metals, chemicals, vaccinations, pollens, dust, moulds and fabrics.



  • Bugs And Vaccination KitsBugs And Vaccination Kits

    Bugs And Vaccination Kits

    Kits containing bacteria, fungus, virus, parasites, chlamydia, rickettsia, protozoa and vaccinations causing acute and chronic health problems.

  • Hormones And Body Biochemical KitsHormones And Body Biochemical Kits

    Hormones And Body Biochemical Kits

    Kits for hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, peptides, immunoglobulins, interleukins, metabolic waste products and other body chemicals that have a profound effect on health and well being.

  • Histology & Pathology KitsHistology & Pathology Kits

    Histology & Pathology Kits

    Kits containing healthy and diseased human tissues covering all the different body systems and a wide range of illnesses.Plus there is one kit which collects together the healthy body parts from the other kits.

  • Drugs And Drinks KitsDrugs And Drinks Kits

    Drugs And Drinks Kits

    Recreational drugs and drugs for anaesthetics and pain, as well as a whole range of alcoholic drinks.

  • Nutrition And Amino Acid KitsNutrition And Amino Acid Kits

    Nutrition And Amino Acid Kits

    Vitamins, essential fatty acid, nutritional minerals, amino acids, as well as other nutritional substances and super foods.

  • Environmental Pollution KitsEnvironmental Pollution Kits

    Environmental Pollution Kits

    Kits covering pesticides, chemicals found in household products and personal care items, environmental toxins, as well as an electromagnetic kit.

  • Subtle Energy And Emotions KitsSubtle Energy And Emotions Kits

    Subtle Energy And Emotions Kits

    The acupuncture meridians have a profound effect on people's health and well-being.

    Emotions affect and are affected by the physical body. Hormones and Body Biochemical Test Kits are also very relevant to working with the emotions.

  • Updating Earlier Test KitsUpdating Earlier Test Kits

    Updating Earlier Test Kits

    If you bought one or more kits some time ago, this is the section to check to see if you need to buy update vials to complete your existing kits.

    Do not buy these updates if you are planning to buy the full kit today or in the future, as these are included, execpt for the Vials for the current influenza vaccination.

  • Remedies Kits - Essences Etc.Remedies Kits - Essences Etc.

    Remedies Kits - Essences Etc.

    Flower remedies, earth energies, homeopathic remedies and herbs can be used as part of energy procedures or to inform client’s decisions about what to take.

  • Country Specific VialsCountry Specific Vials

    Country Specific Vials

    Vials that relate to specific countries or geographical areas and so are not included in more general kits.

  • Animal/Veterinary Test KitsAnimal/Veterinary Test Kits

    Animal/Veterinary Test Kits

    Help for animals as well as humans.

    PLEASE NOTE In some countries it is illegal to treat animals without the overall supervision of a vet.