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Water, Energy Patterns And Your Practice

by Jane Thurnell-Read


There are all sorts of health benefits of making sure everyone drinks sufficient water, but I believe there are some less obvious issues at stake too. I don’t have any real evidence for most of what I say here, but I hope it will give you food (or drink!!) for thought.


Most therapists are familiar with the idea that water can ‘hold memories’. Flower remedies and homeopathic remedies use this property of water to good effect. We also know that a large part of what is physically me is water. Science and medicine see important roles for this water in our body, as a solvent, coolant and lubricant. I wonder if water has an additional role not understood yet by science – is this where at least some of our memories reside? Scientists have a limited understanding of memory and have not located a ‘place’ where our memories are stored. Is it possible, then, that our memories are stored throughout our body in water?


If this is correct, this could be another reason why drinking plenty of water is important: the new water brings with it the possibility of spring-cleaning our memories. if in your therapy you seek to change people’s relationship with the past, giving them water to drink during the session and encouraging them to drink lots of water afterwards could facilitate the transformation.


The idea of water holding energy patterns also has direct implications for us as therapists. Many therapists make sure they drink regularly through the day, including while they are working with clients. Is it possible that some of the emotions and pain expressed by clients gets replicated into the water that you then drink? If this is so, while you drink your water you are drinking ‘essence of distressed clients’.  You may want to experiment with keeping the glass of water covered between mouthfuls, or keeping the water out of the room altogether and drinking between clients.


Whatever you do, don’t start drinking less water. Lack of water reduces our ability to concentrate, and a study by Dr David Lewis sponsored by Brita, the UK water filter company, shows that those who drink sufficient less likely to suffer from flu and colds, because of water’s effect on the immune system. Practitioners are exposed to all sorts of bugs brought in by clients so drinking plenty of water means that you are less likely to need time off work.


When I was working as an allergy therapist I would occasionally use water to get suitable samples for testing. If I was stuck with a client, I would ask them to put out a bowl of water for at least 24 hours in several places in their house and where they worked. They would then bring this in for testing. The water would contain microscopic bits of dust, although vacuum cleaner contents give a better sample of this. More importantly it might contain dissolved fumes and chemicals that could be hard to track down in any other way, and the energy pattern of the building or room. In many ways this was less professionally satisfying testing as I would not be able to name the precise substance/energy, but if it helped a problem client I wasn’t going to complain.


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