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Toxins And Subtle Energy

by Jane Thurnell-Read



The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines the word "toxin" as "poison" and "poison" is:

    "a substance that when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism destroys life or injures health".


But what do we mean by the word ‘substance’? It usually refers to something which has a physical presence, so examples of poisons are such things as mercury, arsenic and carbon monoxide. We can know about these substances and their action through the tools of science. These substances are known to cause problems for all human beings; they are in some way or other inimical to human life.


There are other physical substances which act as toxins for specific individuals; examples of these substances include gluten for coeliacs and allergens for susceptible people. These do not affect everyone in the same way, but in a given person can act to destroy life or injure health. Many of these substances are beneficial for most people. These responses are also recognised and investigated by the tools of science.


Many people who smoke marijuana have long contended that, unlike tobacco that is known to have very detrimental effects on the physical body, marijuana is not at all harmful, but now research is showing that smoking marijuana can effect mental health. It is unclear at this stage whether this effect on the psychological state of the smoker comes through some direct effect on the brain, or (as I suspect) primarily via an effect on the etheric body – the energy blueprint of the physical body.


As well as possibly being susceptible to physical toxins, the subtle bodies may also be affected by non- physical toxins.

Non-physical toxins?

Most people confine their idea of toxins to physical substances but many other things can have an effect on the energy bodies destroying life or injuring health.


There is a danger for our own etheric bodies when we work as therapists: a lot of us spend our time as therapists accessing and correcting damaged blueprints. If we are not careful, our subtle sense of our own etheric blueprint can become corrupted, leading us to become ill; the natural tendency of the body to seek out health, harmony and balance becomes deranged, so that the diseased and unharmonious state is seen as normal. These energy patterns are not physical substances but their effect is equally toxic.


When I was working as a very busy therapist seeing lots of clients, I made a point of spending time each week around healthy people with positive energy. As well as being important for my own health, this felt like an important investment for my business and skills as a practitioner – keeping my sense of what it is to be healthy finely-tuned.


kinesiology bookAlthough this problem seems to arise particularly for practitioners, clients can be affected in the same way. Some years ago a new client came to see me; she had been coughing for several months and an X-ray had shown shadowing on the lower lobe of both lungs. While she was waiting for the hospital to arrange a lung biopsy she came to see me. She told me she had been given several courses of antibiotics and a bronchodilator to no effect. Obviously she and her family suspected the worse. She also told me her boyfriend had been suffering a similar cough for about 5 months. Muscle testing showed that her energy system was "catching" the energy pattern of her boyfriend's cough and that this did not involve the normal infective process. It was a form of energy contamination. I used some health kinesiology procedures to disconnect her from this negative energy pattern and reinforce her body's understanding of healthy mechanisms. A week later she reported that she felt "75% better". The biopsy was postponed by the hospital because she was so well and she stayed well.


This was a very dramatic example of a situation that I had long suspected: people can catch energy patterns from each other. Unfortunately, in general, people become contaminated with negative rather than positive energy patterns. My children and I used to suffer from many allergies and I frequently found that we would suddenly all start reacting to the same thing in quick succession. My children were too young at the time to be open to suggestion. It often seemed to me that the process was similar to the whole family catching a cold or the flu, but there were no viruses or bacteria involved. I have found similar situations with married couples, particularly were they are very close emotionally.

Toxic emotional patterns?

The concepts of "toxic emotions” and "toxic relationships" are becoming more widely accepted. Again we are not dealing with physical substances, but instead dealing with emotional patterns which can be equally dangerous. Many people are involved in destructive relationships which cause them pain and distress. Resentment, anger, fear etc. all lead to imbalances in the energy system which will often result in illness. Healing your emotions can indeed heal your life.

Toxic mental patterns?

Many people talk to themselves in a negative way, often re-playing old messages from their childhood. They tell themselves that they are stupid and useless: "I'm a stupid person" rather than "I have just done something stupid". They tell themselves that they will never succeed: "I can't do it". These mental messages have a toxic effect on the person: reinforcing negativity, hopelessness and powerlessness.

Toxic spiritual patterns?

Toxic spiritual patterns are much more difficult to define, but sometimes it does seem that people have made inappropriate spiritual connections which are in some way harmful to them. Making such judgements is fraught with difficulty: members of particular spiritual groups will often see the obstacles and criticism they face as evidence of their spirituality. They will say all great spiritual leaders faced opposition during their lifetime and many were killed for insisting on the truth of their mission in the face of opposition. How can we judge if they are wrong?

Toxins as healers?

So far I have written about toxins as always being detrimental to life, but they can be used positively. Many homeopathic remedies come from poisonous substances such as mercury and snake venom. Some of my Earth Energies come from places were the energy of the earth is very positive, but others are collected from places were the energy feels disturbed and negative. The area may be negative because of geopathic problems or because actual events involving intense negative emotions occurred there, or for some other reason. Some flower remedies (e.g. Monkshood) come from extremely poisonous plants. Regardless of whether their origin is negative or positive, using remedies appropriately can lead to lasting beneficial results.

Through what I have written here I have extended the concept of ‘toxins’ in two directions: seeing more things as toxins and also seeing things which are generally regarded as toxins in a more positive light. I hope I’ve managed to give you something to think about!


Jane Thurnell-Read (c) 2014