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North American Test Kit Considerations

North American Test Kit Considerations by Jane Thurnell-Read

We develop the test kits with everyone in mind, but there are some vials which are particularly appropriate for people in North America.

Food Colorings

The US Food & Drug Administration allows 7 artificial colors in foods. 5 of them are in Food Additive A Test Kit. The other two are in a separate little kit called North American Food Color Additions. This is because these two colors are banned in most other countries and so aren’t included in the main kit. The 7 colors are:

•    FD & C Blue No 1
•    FD & C Blue No 2
•    FD & C Green No 3
•    FD & C Red No 3
•    FD & C Red No 40
•    FD & C Yellow No 5
•    FD & C Yellow No 6

The two that are in the North American additions are :FD & C Red No 40 (also known as Allura Red AC) and FD & C Green No 3 (also known as Fast Green FC). So to cover all the food colorings your North American clients/patients are exposed to you need both kits:

•    Food Additive A Test Kit
•    North American Food Color Additions


The number of sweeteners available continues to grow, but one continues to cause concern - high fructose corn syrup. It's extensively used in North America,  but much less elsewhere in the world. You can find it in the Sweeteners Test Kit.

Fungus Problems

Of course, all the vials in the three Fungus Kits are important, but there are two in the Fungus 3 Test Kit which are particularly important for North Americans:

Pesticide Concerns

In 2009 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) collected samples with surface wipes from U.S. kitchen floors. Their analysis showed some worrying information about the extent of pesticide contamination in our houses:

The first two of these are in the Pesticide 2 Test Kit and the others in Pesticide 3 Test Kit (along with a lot of other common pesticides. energy mismatch kinesiology bookWe just do not know the long term affect of people's exposure to these chemicals.

Pollen Concerns

Of course, client scan be allergic to any pollen, but there are two in the Pollens Etc. 2 Test Kit that are of specific concern if you live in North America:


What To Do About It?

If clients react to any of these substances, the chances are their bodies won't handle them well. This could result in allergy-type symptoms or it could mean that they are sensitive to much lower levels of toxicity than the general public. My book Energy Mismatch suggests one approach to improve people's resilience to these chemicals, fungi, pollens, etc.