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Energetic Kinesiology

Energetic Kinesiology – an emerging therapeutic modality explored by Charles Krebs and Tania O’Neill McGowan

Energetic Kinesiology front cover


In December 2013 a new book for kinesiology teachers and practitioners was published. Energetic Kinesiology: Principles and Practice is co-authored by Charles Krebs, US based kinesiology practitioner and teacher and one of the most respected names in kinesiology today, and Tania O’Neill McGowan of the Nicolie O’Neill School of Kinesiology in Australia. It was written to explore the growing scientific understanding of and support for kinesiology as a therapy. Importantly, and uniquely, it is also a comprehensive clinical manual for practitioners across a range of bodywork specialisms, enabling them to use kinesiology as an effective therapeutic tool and healing skill. When the publisher invited reviews of the original proposal it was described as ‘a breakthrough textbook’ by Dr Carl Anderson, and ‘first of its kind’ by of Dr James Oschman. Now that it is complete Dr Oschman writes in the Foreword:


‘With this book, Charles and Tania leave a new, remarkable and indelible footprint for their field and for health care in general. The book is far more than a therapeutic manual. It is a book that will be studied by current and future generations of healers from every branch of therapeutics.’


As Energetic Kinesiology emerges as an international specialised modality in the Complementary Health Sciences, gaining more and more scientific support and recognition, Charles Krebs explains his intent in writing for kinesiologists:

‘Until now there has been no single text to describe Energetic Kinesiology or to explain the models for the techniques upon which it is built. In writing Energetic Kinesiology: Principles and Practice Tania and I are seeking to lay the foundations of this emerging field, which offers such great healing potential. We present a wealth of information on how Energetic Kinesiology developed, with sections devoted to its history, the major energetic systems of the body, the rules and principles of how they work, the primary tools and corrections used within Energetic Kinesiology, and to provide coherent models of how each of these works. I was privileged to know many of the originators and innovators in kinesiology personally and there are many anecdotes and stories that bring the field alive and provide insights into how these innovators developed what are now standard techniques in kinesiology. The last section provides a model for all types of Energetic Healing based in the Stages of Stress of Physiology, Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics of Physics that also describe the role of the healer in healing.  Our intent is that this textbook will provide you with a strong foundation for learning that will deepen your understanding and inspire you to explore and develop your practice.’

Energetic Kinesiology: Principles and Practice (Paperback, 384 pages, highly illustrated, £39.95/$59.95/€47.50) is available from Handspring Publishing at www.handspringpublishing.com/product/energetic-kinesiology.