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Easy To Remember Passwords

Easy To Remember Passwords By Jane Thurnell-Read


Password security is a fraught area. Many of us have simple passwords that are easy to remember (and therefore easy to guess or discover through automated software by people acting malevolently.

Common generic passwords include:

password (the word itself!)

Many websites now will not let you use such simple passwords because of the security danger of them.


Other passwords represent names of children, pets, etc., which can be quickly cracked by someone who knows a little bit about you or by some of the super-fast software that is around now.

Some people go for a more complicated password but use the same one for everything or almost everything.

So, what to do? I want to suggest a simple, easy to use password system that generates lots of unique passwords and is easy to remember, and may even turn you into a better person.


First of all you need to find a phrase. It can be a line from a song, a catch phrase of your favourite comedian, or anything else that is memorable. There are some requirements. It needs to:

You then take the first letter of each word and that becomes your base password. So, for example, if your phrase was “I went to London in January for my birthday”, your base password would be:




This is a very strong password and would be difficult to crack without knowing the phrase behind it, which is hopefully easy for you to remember.

You then add one or two letters that represent the site in some way. For example you might choose the first and last letters of the name of the site, so your password for PayPal would be Iw2LiJ4mbpl and that for Amazon would be Iw2LiJ4mban. In these examples I have put the two additional letters at the end, but you could decide to put them at the beginning, or one at the beginning and one at the end instead. This way almost every site you need a password for will have its own unique one.


You might also want to add a symbol at the beginning or end as some websites are now demanding that their passwords include a symbol - common choices include an exclamation mark - ! - or the dollar sign - $.


How Can A Password System Make You A Better Person?

It can, if you choose an affirmation for your phrase. So, whenever you type in your password anywhere, you will be saying your affirmation. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

I am happy to be me. I am free to be me = Iah2bmIaf2bm
Coca Cola and Macdonalds are bad for me = CCaMab4m
I find God in everything and offer love to everyone I meet = IfGieaol2eIm
I am happy at my ideal weight of 125 pounds = Iahamiwo125p

Happy password choosing.

Copyright 2013 Jane Thurnell-Read