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Anandamide - The Bliss Molecule

Anandamide is produced within the body; it's a neurotransmitter.  It is known as “the bliss molecule” – ananda is Sanskrit for 'bliss' or 'joy' or 'delight'.


Anadamide has also been called the body’s own internal “cannabis” - cannabis binds to the same receptors as anandamide. In fact, that's why researchers went looking for it - they knew there were receptors in the body that would bind with cannabis, but they wanted to find the real reason the body had these receptors.


Chocolate contains anandamide too, so it's not surprising that chocolate makes a lot of us feel good. If someone finds it difficult to manage their chocolate consumption, check to see if they are self-medicating on anandamide via the chocolate. (It’s also possible they are either short of zinc or the body is not using zinc properly.)


As you would expect, anandamide is involved with mood control, just like cannabis. One of my recurring frustrations is when practitioners tell me they aren’t interested in the kits, because they work with emotions and stress. Some of them don’t seem to understand that neurotransmitters, hormones and other molecules like anandamide play a vitally important role in how we feel emotionally and not just how we are physically.


Anandamide also has lots of other interesting connections and functions. anandamide has been found to be involved in pain control and may be used by the brain as a central fine-tuner of electrical activity.


It’s also involved with short-term memory; high levels slow speed of sperm and so affect male fertility.


As if all this is not enough, anandamide may also help control coughing and various respiratory functions.


it may also increase appetite and so contribute to weight gain.


 And its influence doesn’t end here research suggests it may be involved in Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, drug addiction, schizophrenia, autism and Gilles de la Tourette’s syndrome.


I’m sure you can all think of quite a few patients/clients who might benefit from being checked out on this intriguing molecule.


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