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  • General Downloads

  • Brochure for test kits

    LWP Brochure

    Our test kit brochure offering a quick summary of all our main kits.

  • Test Kit Downloads

  • Alphabetical List Of Foods In The Foods Test Kits

    Alphabetical list of foods in Food Test Kits

  • Full Test Kit Information (A4 size paper)

    This is information on all our test kits. 200+ pages as a PDF document.

  • Full Test Kit Information (North America paper size)

    This is information on all our test kits. 200+ pages as a PDF document on Letter size paper used in North America.

  • How The Kits Are Made

    Detailed information on how we make the testing vials.

  • Weight Managment Possibilities

    Looking at different weight management issues.

  • Which Kits Should I Buy

    some suggestions if you are stuck trying to decide which kits to buy first.

  • Book Downloads

  • Excerpts From All Of Jane's Books

    Excerpts from all of Jane's books in one download.

  • Excerpts From Allergy A To Z

    Lots of background information on allergies, sensitivities and intolerance. Get a broader picture of what you should be testing and why.

  • Excerpts From Energy Mismatch

    Jane used to teach this information as a very successful one-day workshop, but has turned it into a book instead. Jane believes that the techniques taught here have been fundamental to her success as a therapist. Read this book and be prepared to be amaze

  • Excerpts From Geopathic Stress And Subtle Energy

    This is a comprehensive look at this fascinating subject with many case studies from experts in this field.

  • Excerpts From Health Kinesiology

    A comprehensive description of health kinesiology for those thinking about seeing a kinesiologist or considering training as a health kinesiologist. The book is illustrated with many case studies of how effective this remarkable system can be.

  • Excerpts From Kinesiology Book

    An excerpt from Kinesiology by Jane Thurnell-Read, looking at the history, fundamentals and the different branches of kinesiology.

  • Excerpts From Nutritional Testing For Kinesiologists And Dowsers

    Gain confidence in testing for nutritional and dietary information.

  • Excerpts From Verbal Questioning Skills For Kinesiologists

    Over 25,000 words and 120 plus pages - all Jane's knowledge, skill and experience about this fascinating topic, gained over many years helping many clients. It is one of the most powerful tools she has to help people get well and stay well. This book sets

  • Essences

  • Earth Energy Essences

    The seven essences made by Jane Thurnell-Read (Balance, Comfort, Energy & Realism, Inner Wisdom, Need, Pain and Space) are based on the energies of place, time, weather and mood.