Life-Work Potential Limited is based in Devon, UK.

Life-Work Potential Limited is owned and under the personal supervision of Jane Thurnell-Read. Jane is a former university lecturer, but in the early 1980s decided to change direction completely and train as a kinesiologist after a visit to a kinesiologist brought a dramatic improvement in her eldest sons health - he suffered from eczema. She practiced kinesiology for over 20 years, and taught students and practitioners in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and the USA.

She has developed over 90 test kits for use by kinesiologists, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, and EAV (Bicom) practitioners. Most of the kits are backed up by detailed research. She has also written books both for therapists and for the general public. All of these products are available here via this secure online shop.

Jane has now stopped seeing clients and teaching, as she wants to devote her time to developing more tests kits, writing books and developing online courses for therapists. She also has a website that features her health and happiness writing www.janethurnellread.com.


Jane also promotes Simply Naturals plant-based minerals - the best health product che has encountered in the 30 plus years she has been involved in the health industry.

At Life-Work Potential we pride ourselves on offering a fast, friendly & professional service on all our goods.

Jane is committed to donating 50% of her personal income after tax to charitable and campaigning organisations. These currently include Village Water, SolarAidMIND and Transparency International.

We bank with the Co-Operative Bank, a bank with a clear ethical investment policy on oppressive regimes, the arms trade, the tobacco industry, animal welfare, etc.

We seek in these small ways to make the world a better place.

At Life-Work Potential Limited we pride ourselves on offering a fast, friendly, professional service on all our products.

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Life-Work Potential Limited
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